The Perfect Workout Clothes For Petite Women

The Perfect Workout Clothes For Petite Women

10 / 24 / 15

For smaller and shorter women, there are plenty of ‘make it work’ moments during their day to day lives. This is more so the case when it comes to athletic attire. Horrific childhood memories in extra-large jerseys and gym shorts that are 3 sizes too big are still very vivid and fresh in the mind of many such women. In our attempt to get rid of these nasty moments once and for all, we got a stroke of inspiration from actress Reese Witherspoon. She is 5’1”, which is shorter than average. Earlier this year, Reese reached into her designer side and launched the Draper James clothing line. With this line, the A-list client makes petite women feel equally fashionable.

Many petite women have short legs and in most cases desire to make them appear longer. This problem is solved by cropped bottoms which stop right above the ankle. These work regardless of whether you are dealing with leggings that are skin tight or loose sweatpants. Unfortunately, people are not going to just stare at your legs all day long. A vivid is a great way to attract more attention to the upper part of your body. Overall, this will make your torso appear leaner. Note that you can opt for adjustable straps to suit your body. These have proven to be a hit among women who classify themselves as petite.

The one piece can be a little overwhelming and a tad bit boring. There are separates which are sexy and allow you to show off just that little bit of skin that exudes the confidence you have with your body. The sexy separates allow you to work with the same color palette as with the one-piece. You should try out the Michi Ferro Tank ($155) and Michi Supernova Leggings ($180) from

If you are an outgoing person, you may be wondering what this exciting new line has in store for you. Well, for physically intense outdoors activities like hiking, the clothes you wear may affect your performance especially if they do not fit you well. It is better to get form-fitting fabrics which are going to work for you with whichever shape you may be comfortable with.

Activewear for women should not always be bothersome and irritating. It is possible to get gym clothes that are not only ideal for the gym but ones that you can also wear when spending the day indoors. As far as sexy workout clothes for women go, it is vital to get ones that are neither too tight nor too baggy.

Tight-fitting workout shorts and workout tops may be uncomfortable especially when you are working out. You may not perform at your best at the gym since what you are wearing is too tight to help you with some reflexes and some stretches. On the other hand, baggy clothes may have more or less the same effects as do tight clothes. They get in your way when working out and all through your routine; a big part of you wants to cut them down in size just so you can focus on working out. Your best bet would be REI hiking pants ($64.50),, Sierra Hiking Socks (12.95) and Patagonia Pull over ($69) Overall, the rule of thumb is to ensure that you get workout tops and shorts that fit you perfectly.

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